Although the commonly practiced form of Reiki was rediscovered in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui, the phenomena of activating the life energy for healing is as old as the human race, and is inherent in all human beings.  Reiki is Universal Love.

Reiki, pronounced “Ray-Key” is a Japanese composite word meaning “spiritually guided universal life energy.”  “Rei” is the healing essence of the Spirit or Source of Life; “Ki” is the energy or power which gives it form.  In Chinese it is called “chi.”

Ki is vital to all life.  The quality, balance and flow of “ki” within us determines our overall state of being – the wellness of the body, mind and spirit.  Disease is the result of blockage and imbalance of “ki”.  Reiki brings about deep relaxation that activates our innate healing processes, increasing and balancing the flow of life energy within us, and facilitating the integration and healing of the body, mind and spirit.

During a Reiki treatment the practitioner channels Reiki by placing his/her hands gently on or over the client’s fully clothed body.  The practitioner activates the life energy through the major chakras (energy vortexes) and/or meridians of the client’s body.  A full treatment takes approximately an hour.  The deep relaxation experienced by the client during a Reiki session enhances the natural healing processes.  The client is not actually healed by the practitioner, but rather by the balancing effects of the life energy as it flows through the body.

A Reiki treatment not only relaxes, but also revitalizes, relieving pain and acute problems quickly.  Chronic illnesses may take several treatments.  Because unexpressed emotions block energy flow causing physical pain and dysfunction, often, people experience physical, emotional and spiritual release during a treatment.  Reiki affect the cause of the blockages, and helps relieve depression, resentment, fear and mental confusion.

Reiki can be used in conjunction with other therapies or methods of conventional and alternative treatment without any interference.  When I  have experienced therapeutic massage, acupressure treatment, Alexander technique, cranio sacral therapy, or reflexology charged with Reiki,  it takes these modalities to a more intense and deeper level for me.

The most commonly reported benefits of Reiki, are  greater calmness and a more loving and peaceful feeling.  Reiki has also proved to be helpful in post-surgical recovery.  It is used in the integrative treatment of cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, lupus and other serious diseases.  It has also been used successfully in conjunction with psychotherapy.

Reiki is reported to enhance spiritual growth.  It has a cumulative effect.  As you continue to give and/or receive Reiki, the more the chakras open, and the stronger the sense of interconnectedness with the universe.  The personal growth and transformation to be achieved with the regular use of Reiki is limitless.

In conjunction with energy channeling, the Five Reiki Principles from the core of the Reiki system: Just for today: let go of worry; let go of anger; show gratitude; work with love; be kind to all creatures.  Dr. Usui presented this system as a prescription for total health and wellness.

For something so powerful and effective, Reiki is extremely simple and easy to learn and practice.  The actual mechanics are so simple, even a child can do it.  When a person has the desire to learn Reiki to heal themselves and others, immediately following an attunement (energy activation) from a Reiki Master, s/he is able to activate Reiki.  There are three levels of training and attunement available to those wishing to learn Reiki.  The first level training enables the practitioner of tap into the energy and activate it through the hands, eyes and breath.  The second level includes a greater access to Reiki, Reiki energy, and enables the practitioner to do mental/emotional and absentee (distant) healing.  The third level is the Reiki Teacher Master training which focuses on preparing participants to teach and activate Reiki energy in others, or pursue their own path of teaching and passing on the power of Reiki to others.